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[Rule No.5] – The Walk

Golden Rule No.5: The Essential Walk

What is the importance of the walk, how does my dog view it and how do my actions affect my dogs?

The Walk: Calming your dog down inside the house 

If you have a dog, who is too excited at the front door you really need to calm them down before going through the front door. This video looks at an incredibly excited dog named Lucy and goes through the process of calming her down before leaving the house.

The Walk: Outside the house 

Once you take a go out of your front door or gate, you are on the walk. The pack leader should be leading so if you are struggling to get your dog to follow you by your side on a loose leash then watch this 3 part video series. It may take the time to totally master it completely however it is well worth taking the time and effort as you will have a far calmer dog for the rest of your walk.

The Social And Structured Walk:

When should I allow my dog to sniff, pee, change sides and decide where to go…after all this is my dogs walk as well as mine? The answer to all these great questions is in this video

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Some Q&A – The Walk

Q: Should I not take my dog for a walk on the lead until he is walking properly beside me?

A: My recommendation is to spend the first day practicing the walk indoors to start with 5 sets of 5 minutes spaced out if possible through the day, that is a total of 25 minutes. See how much progress you make. I understand that some dogs, a tiny percentage need to burn off a little excess energy but the vast majority whilst they love the walk do not need to get out to the park to solve their behavioral issues. In fact, if you cannot walk your dog to the park without being pulled down the street then you are going to be reinforcing the wrong behavior! That is the big problem with walking when your dog still thinks she is the pack leader. Try to increase the distance of your walk with you in control but don’t rush it, remember that if you rush it then you have just shown your dog that you will give in. The other option if you really feel that your dog needs to run then take the car there. Apparently walk your dog nicely at both ends before letting him off the lead but this way at least you have not dragged the whole way along the walk.

Q: What does SSCD mean?

A: Click on Stop, Start and Change Direction to go to the Every Day Tools to find out what it means.

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