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[Golden Rule No.4] Everything Must be on Your Terms

All the interactions that you have with your dog are either on your terms or your dog’s conditions. Getting this little right can have a huge impact on whether or not your dog listens to you.

Everything on your terms in practice:

Watch this video to see how to correctly interact with your dog so that they learn to respect your space, relax, come when called and leave you alone when you want them to.

Everything On Your Terms summary:

  • You should initiate everything
  • First, you should call your dog to you before giving attention or affection
  • Watch out for attention seeking and space invading

Spme Q&A

Q: Is it OK for my dogs to sit on the couch with me?

A: You should make all the rules up in the house, so you decide if your dog is allowed on the couch or not. However, if he is allowed on the couch that does not mean he can jump on top of you whenever he wants to. If the space invaders then move him off without a word and without looking at him, either onto the couch next to you or if he persists, onto the floor.

Q: When can I pat my dog?

A: Once you have reunited correctly then you can call your dog over at any time and pat him for as long as you like. However you should not pat your dog when it comes up to you for a pat, or if it invades your space, you should move him off or move your body, so you are no longer in contact.

Q: Can I pat my dog when he is sitting by my feet, and I want to?

A: No. I would recommend that until your dog stops sitting right by or on your feet you walk away and call him to you. If he follows you immediately, then ignore him until he stops following you around. Some dogs take a while to stop following initially, but they will all give up and change in the end. Then they can really relax and go and lie down on their own somewhere.

Q: My dog barks at me if I do not give her attention, what should I do?

A: If the barking is attention seeking then ignore her, don’t look speak or touch her and walk away. When she stops then call her to you on your terms and play with her or give her attention If she does not stay then leave the room or give your dog an isolation. Let her out when she stops barking.

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