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The Pack Leader Introduction | 5 Golden Rules To Be The Pack Leader

Introducing The 5 Golden Rules (or the 5 Exercises to Calm Your Dog And Get Them To Listen) To Be The Pack Leader

Becoming the Pack Leader is the causal principle of controlling dog behavior. It is the secret of my method. When you become the Pack Leader using these 5 Golden Rules (or the ‘5 Exercises’), you then be able to adopt absolute control over your dog, using no force, no aggression and no domination. Please make sure you go through this section at least twice and start applying the teaching as soon as possible. What you acquire here will sometimes change your dog’s behavior almost straight away, and often much of the dog complications you are encountering will disappear. The actual magic, lies inside the Pack Leader section, in putting it into position 100%.

The Pack Leader Introduction

About to be the pack leader:

  • Being that leader is one thing you need to be for the dogs their whole lives – this then enables these to enjoy and relax existence
  • Everyone in the home must be giving your dogs the same message: the five Golden Rules
  • Many dogs will place your smallest weakness or mistake concerning the 5 Golden Rules and exploit it! – So stay with them 100%
  • Establishing yourself because the pack leader may be the begin to solving every problem and also the grounds for getting your dog you have always dreamt of
  • Download the five Golden Rules PDF indication, print it and place it in your fridge, or elsewhere just like handy


Before you practice the exercises in the dog problem section:

  • If you convince your dog that you are the pack leader before putting your dog in a stressful situation, then your dog will change far quicker than if you rush
  • Think of it like this, the more you are the pack leader, the more your dog will watch you and reply to your behavior and simply follow your lead
  • If your dog thinks they are the pack leader, then they will take no notice of what you are doing.


First, watch the “Every Day Tools and Techniques”:

  • If you first watch all the videos in this section on the right-hand side then when they are mentioned in the rest of the videos you will understand how they should be used to help you.

You must put in place ALL 5 Golden Rules

You simply won’t get the results you are looking for unless the whole family implements ALL of the Golden Rules.

  • 1 – Gesture Eating
  • 2 – Danger
  • 3 – Separation
  • 4 – Your Terms
  • 5 – The Walk

Some burning Q&A

Q: I am a single female living alone with two dogs. How does this work when it comes to who is the Alpha Male?

A: That is an excellent question. Think of your status as being either above or below your dogs. You are simply going to show your two dogs that you are the pack leader and that you make all the decisions. That you look to neither of them for help or decision-making and they will understand that in your pack, you are the pack leader and nobody else is.

Q: Do I have to be dominant over my dogs to show them I am the pack leader?

A: No.

Q: Are you saying it is better to first establish myself out as the pack leader and then try to socialize my dog again – if so how long should I leave it?

A: Yes that is right; there are no prizes for being first. If you can set your dog up to win and only avoid any confrontation at first, possibly a few days or a week or so and prove yourself as the pack leader, then you will stand far more chance than if you rush out there before you have convinced your dog that anything has changed!



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