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Introduction To Puppy Training

Raising the perfect puppy

Every decision you make has an effect:

Every particular decision that you make has an effect on your puppy. Whether you choose to show her the right way by moving her gently calmly or you choose to shout in an aggressive manner. The cumulative outcome will build up until you are tired of screaming and your pupp takes no sign at all!

What your dog could teach you

Result in the choice how to make use of the calmest approach possible, and you will well discover that through the entire process of training, you learn something amazing with regards to you. You also reach behave in different ways. If you are available to learning, and also you watch carefully the things that work and just what doesn’t, you will notice how good your pup and dog responds, to not fear and aggression but to calm, consistent effects of actions, and just how much they are attracted to positive energy.

  • Puppies are like attention seeking machines….remember that being verbally told off or shouted at is attention!
  • When training commands, the way to make the most progress is to take your time and end on a high
  • Like all things in life you will have good and bad days…..learn to make the most of both!

Puppy time is gone in a flash

Just like children, all puppies are unique, and it is this uniqueness that makes them so special. Almost every dog that I know has its slight issue or bad habit!

Accepting the way they are right now and enjoying the journey is a big step to making sure that you get the most out of every day.Just like babies they will not be like this forever, puppy time is over in a flash. So enjoy the good and make the most out of the bad.

Introduction To Puppy Training Video Tutorial


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