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Spaying And Neutering

To Spay and Neuter?…YES, Definitely!

It’s kind, common sense and responsible…

There are so many good reasons to spay female dogs and castrate males. There are – as with so many topics – rumors and stories about neutering however the truth is, there is so many good reasons to do so and very few not to! Hopefully after reading this you will see the logic behind it.

The benefits of neutering:

Marking territory:

Male dogs will mark their territory less in and around the property and less on the walk.

Less running away:

One reason that male dogs will run away is the need to breed. When they are neutered they will not have such a drive to mate and will not be so attracted to the females in the area who are in season, thus far less drive to escape your property and get out.

Less dominant:

Male dogs will be less dominant and far less likely to fight over females, this is true especially with entire males living in the same house. In general the hormones that are produced in the male if not released can build up and can lead to outbursts of serious aggression, including outbursts towards humans.

Far less tension stress and frustration:

Many people, men especially, seem to think that they are doing their dogs a favour by keeping them entire however it is almost the opposite. In our western society there are too many dogs to simply let them roam and breed as they like. This means that most entire males urge to fulfill their natural drive and if it is not fulfilled it leads to tension and frustration. One can only imagine the physical and mental torture of not being able to mate when their bodies are crying out to do so. That energy and drive that you are creating has to go somewhere. Try to put yourself in your dog’s shoes. Neutered males are far calmer once the dog has had time for the hormones to leave his body.

Easier to train and calmer at home:

There is no doubt that male dogs that are neutered are far easier to convince that you are the pack leader. Suddenly all training becomes a whole lot easier.

No more mood swings:

Many females go through mood swings during their time in season, this will stop when she is spayed.

No need to worry about all those boys:

Once she is spayed she is free to play night and day with whomever she likes, and of course is going to be far less likely to cause squabbles amongst the men!


What neutering won’t do:

  • Neutering will not fix existing aggression problems directly however it will help in the long run. Especially in males you are better to first work through becoming the pack leader and then look to castrate. Do not castrate a male dog to try to fix an aggression problem
  • Make your dog put on weight
  • Change your dog’s personality or character (other than make them less stressed, less tense, less aggressive and reduce their sex drive)

The down side to spaying and neutering:

You won’t be able to breed, however this is not something that dog owners should take lightly. Leave breeding up to professional breeders, there are plenty of dogs already in the world


When should we neuter:

The best time to spay and neuter is at around 6-8 months as this allows enough of the hormones to play their part in the full development of your dog but not start to cause problems. Often it can be done much earlier and in rescue centers all dogs are usually neutered before finding new homes.

Help save lives:

Every year in America and almost every other western country millions of dogs are euthanized because there are too many dogs and puppies and not enough people wanting to adopt. When you chose not to spay and neuter and then you make a little mistake and bring 10 more pups into the world (even if you find them all homes with people who really do want a dog for life), you are taking up homes where dogs from shelters and rescue centers could have been placed. In effect it simply means 10 more dogs and puppies will be put to sleep. When you spay and neuter you can be confident that you have played your part in this massive problem. Remember, if any of the 10 puppies have a litter then you are effectively responsible for those pups as well and so it goes on.


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