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Puppies Jumping Up

Ignore jumping from very early on

Important Points:

Young puppies jumping up is an incredibly natural factor that most puppies do when they are little to obtain attention, as well as in nature to obtain given by licking the Mothers face to inspire food to become regurgitated. Showing your pup that it does not get noticed if this jump is something you should encourage from the very young age. Frequently it may appear like fun whenever a puppy is tiny however when your Boxer dog reaches 35kg and may jump 5 feet high it is not so funny.


If you do not steer clear of the jumping whenever your puppy is nothing when your pup becomes a bigger dog it soon becomes a more dominant display of demanding your attention!

How to stop basic jumping up

Firstly by following Golden Rule No.3, you will already be showing your puppy that it cannot get your attention on its terms. This is crucial. If your puppy is not giving up and demanding attention, then you must calmly isolate it.

1.Whenever your puppy jumps up, just turn and leave. Ignore your pup, no eye-to-eye contact, no speaking with no touching.

2.Still ignore after which after your pup has calmed lower, wait for 5-10 minutes after which call your pup for you.

3.In case your puppy does not stop then isolate your dog by departing the area or by putting the puppy in another room.

Jumping on visitors

In case your puppy is getting on these potential customers than keep these things do just like described above. It assists to should you contain the puppy by its collar in a Calm Freeze by the collar or on a lead until they relax – then release. If your puppy mouths you then immediately isolate.

Jumping up at you outside

Take control and calm your dog using the method of Stop, Start and Change Direction on a leash. This calms the dog and retakes control of the situation.

Jumping up to you when you are getting ready for that walk


Place the leash lower and watch for ten minutes or until your pup is calm, then repeat the process. This will be significant, and even though you are keen to take a stroll you should not hurry it!Important concepts

  • It is important not to speak – to remain calm and never say a thing whenever your puppy jumps up. Remember your pup is definitely an attention seeking machine!
  • Ignore your puppy – simply no speaking, eye-to-eye contact or touching!
  • Your puppy’s jumping up and space invading isn’t its method of saying I like you!!
  • Space is essential to some dog, and when she invades yours whenever she would like, then she will lose respect for you personally.
  • How can you feel if your human regularly invaded your home! It is more similar than you believe!!
  • Start while you mean to take. Whenever your puppy is calm, you will be able to call her and pick her up for any cuddle… Golden Rule No.4.

The two most common mistakes

  1. Inconsistency – sometimes the puppy gets attention for jumping!
  2. People make eye contact…This invites the dog over, so do not make eye contact, focus on something else.

Additional information

Train your pup to sit down for everything! If you are able to get the puppy to practice plenty of “sit” then her default conduct only will be to sit down whenever you call her.

If necessary, an adult may need to help to protect younger people and enforce the isolation if they are being jumped upon.

Keep the arms folded and walk beyond the puppy with confidence and assertively.

It is often best to start with you standing or sitting on a chair where your puppy cannot get up on you until the puppy has calmed. This will only be necessary until the pattern is broken.

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