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Wait – Puppy Training

Teaching Tippy to Wait

Definition of the Wait:

Do not move until I release you with the OK command

This command simply tells your dog to stop moving. You are able to decide for yourself whether or not this should mean that your dog has to hold that position, or simply stay in that place (but is allowed to go from a sit to a down).

  • You do not need to be next to your puppy when you say this command (but you may be)
  • You do not need to return to your puppy (but you may do)

Possible uses:

  • When your dog is about to walk into the house with wet feet
  • When you are going to answer the door
  • When you open the car door but do not want your dogs to get out
  • When you put their food down but do not want them to eat it!
  • When you want them to Wait!!

Training the Wait:

First, you should have taught the Sit and the Stay. With a Wait, you are going to practice putting your puppy in a Sit and then call your dog to you. If your puppy gets used to this command then training the Stay becomes difficult for some puppies who are so keen to get out of the blocks that they continually break and run towards you! Train the Stay first. You definitely need a good Sit first.

  1. Ask your puppy to Sit.
  2. Using one finger hold it out as a visual command in front of your puppy and in a gentle voice say “Wait”.
  3. Keeping eye contact, reverse backward very slowly about 2 meters and then say…
  4. “Tippy come” in a high energy voice with an outstretched hand with a little treat.
  5. Reward your puppy.
  6. At this stage, I would quickly practice a Stay just to check that your puppy can remember the difference.
  7. If your puppy gets the Stay correct as well (this is not easy) then congratulations you can start mixing them up so that it becomes very clear.
  8. Expand the distance that you are asking your puppy to Wait.

It is very unlikely that your puppy won’t come to you eventually!! The real issue is getting your puppy to Sit and Stay, however, if you have taught the Stay first then there really shouldn’t be any problems.

In order to get your puppy to complete a Wait at a distance, you must first learn to practice a Sit at a distance. Then the process is straight forward.

  1. Train your dog to Sit whilst at a distance from you. (This is covered off in the Sit section)
  2. Then ask it to wait.
  3. After a while, your dog will become used to waiting at a distance and you will simply need to say “Wait”.

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