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Stay – Puppy Training

First get practice at a one meter Stay!


Training the Stay:

Definition of the Stay:

The Stay is where you will start next to your dog and tell them to stay. Your dog must stay in that place until you return to them and release them. It is usually used for longer periods of time than the Wait.

Possible uses:

  • Stay here while I go somewhere (your dog may or may not be on a leash)
  • Stay in your bed until I return
  • Stay on this spot until I return
  • Stay here whilst I do something over here that I do not want you near
  • Stay here on your mat whilst there are little children playing on the floor

Crucial – You must remember to release your dog with an “OK”!

Training the Stay:

You first need to have taught your puppy to Sit. You are better off not to train the Wait for a while until you have an excellent Stay.

  1. Place your puppy into a Sit.
  2. Holding out a flat hand in front of your puppy say the word gently and clearly “Stay”.
  3. Keeping eye contact and saying a very gentle “Sttaaaay” reverse backward about a half meter and only for a split second then return.
  4. Reward your puppy and repeat quite quickly. (If your puppy still has not moved great! – do it again).
  5. Practice this several times until your puppy has got it at this very short distance.
  6. Then look to increase the distance very slowly.
  7. Remember the word Stay should really mean – “Don’t move and I’ll give you a treat!”. Obviously, this is only whilst we train the word.
  8. Build it up with greater distraction, lose eye contact, turn your back etc.
  9. If your puppy breaks then simply return them gently to the spot and repeat.

With time you can build it up to a huge distance, with all sorts of distractions…

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