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OK and Good Boy/Girl

The OK:

Whilst this is not really a word that you need to train, this is such an important word I decided it needed to be emphasized.

Definition of “OK”:

OK should mean that your puppy is free to go, task completed. It is rather like being told you are “dismissed”, it means that the rules that were previously in place have now gone, we are finished, exercise completed.

Let me describe what can happen:

If you forget to release your puppy from a Stay then she will simply learn that since you forget to release her she does it when she thinks it is appropriate. Sometimes this is acceptable by you and other times you get frustrated and shout at her to get back onto the Sit. You cannot work out why she sometimes moves off (the answer is that otherwise, she would still be sitting somewhere from weeks ago!) and she cannot work out how she is meant to know when she can go!

Another example of when to use the work “OK” is where you tell your dog to get into her bed. The question is for how long – It should really be until you release her, so don’t forget

The answer is simple:

Always remember to release your puppy after any command with a simple “OK”, or you could use “Go free” or some other word.

Possible uses:

  • Always at the end of a Sit, Stay, Down, Wait or any other command
  • If your dog is waiting outside to come into the house


Good Girl/Boy:

Again this is not a tricky word to teach However people often forget to use it at the right time.

Definition of Good Girl/Boy:

This command is simply what I suggest you get into the habit of using to encourage your puppy to praise your puppy or dog. Sometimes you can encourage your puppy who is running towards you when you have called it. However when you are practicing the Sit or the Stay you are better off to stay with the words “Siittt” and “Sstaaaay” as these are stronger commands.

Good uses of the word:

  • As praise when your puppy has completed a good behavior
  • When your puppy is running towards you on a recall
  • Whenever your puppy is walking with you on or off leash especially

Times not to use it:

  1. When your puppy is in a Sit-Stay, or until you have completed the task! Using it before will often lead to your puppy breaking the rules.
  2. To get your puppy to break from a Sit Stay, you should first use the release command “OK.”

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