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Barking When Left

Barking When Left Alone: A stressed dog is more likely to bark at the slightest thing

Barking when left and separation anxiety:

Barking when your dog is left alone is probably a symptom of your dog being stressed because of losing its puppies (you). Make sure that you have gone through all of the section called separation anxiety first. Nearly all dogs that bark when they are left alone have separation anxiety to some degree. First become the pack leader and treat the separation anxiety and this will often stop the barking. It will also help if there are other reasons contributing to the fact that your dog is barking by relieving the stress that your dog is under.

Barking when your dog is outside:

If your dog barks when you are at home, then there may be another reason that we need to look into as to why your dog is barking. If your dog barks when it is outside, then this is still probably a case of separation anxiety as your dog is saying “I want to join the pack, I am the pack leader”. Again this will stop once you show your dog that you are the pack leader and your decision is that the dog has to stay outside.

Barking when you are not home:

If your dog barks at triggers such as people walking past the house, birds, noises or anything else then you can stop this by using the following approach:

  1. Establish yourself firmly as the pack leader.
  2. Then show your dog that there is no danger with any of the above activities when you are around by following Golden Rule No.2.
  3. Your dog is then calm and relaxed around these activities when you are home.
  4. After a short time, your dog will just ignore them regardless of whether you are around or not.

Your dog may be bored:

  • Exercise – make sure that you get your dog enough exercise, preferably before you leave him
  • Toys – provide your dog with plenty of toys to play with
  • Doggy Day Care – consider one day a week at a doggy day care. It can exhaust them for the following day also and just creates a bit of excitement in their week
  • Dog walker – consider a dog walker to come in when you are at work
  • Home alone – dogs can cope being left alone for 8 hours, but it is not fun, especially if this happens 5 days a week
  • Team up with another dog – if you have a good friend who has a dog that you trust then consider them spending time together one day a week, they may also have the same issue of boredom


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