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Barking On The Walk

Excited or Aggressive Barking

A dog that’s barking on the walk could be doing so for some reasons. However, you will probably already know whether your dog is only excited or aggressive. If your dog is aggressive then first take a look at the aggressive dog section. Whatever your dog is barking at, be it other dogs, things or people, you should treat it the same way as if it was another dog, basically show that it is not dangerous and walk on the past. By establishing your-self as the pack leader and showing your dog the right way to behave your dog will settle down & stop barking. With time you will then be able to put your dog on a long line and then let your dog off leash, provided it is safe to do so.

If your dog is simply excited and wants to play with another dog then carry on reading here.

Excited barking

Often this over-enthusiasm is more annoying than a big problem. However, if you have a big dog it can be dangerous for you when your dog lunges and it’s frightening for the public.

There is no one thing that will fix this problem other than some firm training and then reward good behavior. What you want to show your dog is that good thing come but only on the pack leaders terms and when you show the correct, calm behavior.Here is some stuff to practice:

  • Make sure that the 5 Golden Rules are firmly in place especially Rule No.5
  • Practice SSCD with other dogs in view, preferably at a distance where your dog can function. Only let him off when he has stopped barking, is calm and able to complete a sit command. This is a good measure of whether your dog is listening or not.
  • Make sure that your dog is meeting lots of other dogs at the park and that you are providing him with ample of opportunities to play to his heart’s content
  • If your dog is barking then turn and walk away
  • Try a Calm Freeze; this is a potent method of stopping your dog from barking. If your dog starts up again when you release then either do it again or practice SSCD.
  • All of these exercises will affect however be patient, what you will achieve with a little time is more than you can imagine
  • Keep your energy low, no speaking, no eye contact and no touching (other than the calm freeze)

Another trick – If your dog has a toy and you can get him to carry it then it is tough to bark and carry a ball in his mouth!


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